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It's been a little while since I've written anything of substance in here. Anywho. Thanksgiving went pretty well - Ma and I stayed home and did naught but eat and watch movies. It was a beautiful thing.

The past two nights, I've been staying up ridiculously late chatting and browsing Project Gutenberg, so I'm thinking I may end up going to sleep slightly earlier tonight. I've spent the past few hours looking into my grad school stuff. Fortunately, I don't need to take the GREs for my schools, which means $100+ that I don't need to spend. There are two schools that are the top on my list right now - Monterey Institute of International Studies, and University of Ottawa. Both have strong programs in Spanish literary translation, which is what I want to do, so really it's a matter of which one will take me. I've emailed a couple of profs to ask for letters of recommendation, and hopefully I'll hear back from then that they'll be able (and happy) to write them. Monterey has a much more extensive application process than Ottawa - it includes an Early Diagnostic Test to prove that I do actually know a bit about what I'm talking about regarding translation and Spanish. I'm hoping to get all this stuff out by the end of December, and fortunately I don't have to wait on the letters of recommendation - they get sent directly from the prof to the school. So, basically, now starts the stressful part, which will end, oh, say, when I find someplace to live near where ever I'm going to school and get moved in. So we're looking at a minimum of 7-8 months of stress Woo!

In other news...well, actually, there isn't any other news. How very sad.
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