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* Date you joined? Sept. 25, 2001.
* Number of journal entries? 401
* Number of people on your friends list? 49
* Person that introduced you to Live Journal? Bret, before I left for London. I switched from Opendiary.
* Still friends with this person? Yes, though we don't see each other too often. :(
* How many people have you introduced to Live Journal? Not many - I was one of the last on the LJ bandwagon.
* List everyone on your friends list you have met in person: banalapercu, gamethyme, grimhild, ibnfirnas, knittinggoddess, konomaigo, leech, mustela, mysticorangutan, nire, queen_oblivia (briefly), qzlxno, redsouffle, saphriel, timthepenguin, twilightfox6. Whew!
* Anyone on LJ you can't stand? Nope
* Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet?: Pretty much everyone I haven't met yet. :)
* Last person you added? Heh...roseisrose_feed
* Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal? Nope.
* Biggest pet peeve about lj: Oh, the spelling and grammar!
* Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends’ list?: Yeah, actually. 'Course, I know most of those folks, too...

1. Age You Left Home: Urm...I went to college at 18, but moved back in with Ma after graduation.
2. Worst Decision You Ever Made: Just one?
3. Favorite Beverage: Cherry Coke, cold water
4. Favorite Letter: S. It's so serpentine and cool. Even if I did have problems pronouncing it until I was 8...
5. Favorite Number: 4316 (don't ask)
6. Favorite Cities: Portland, OR; Rota, Spain
7. Obsession Of The Moment: Cross-stitch and Terry Pratchett
8. Name Four Things You Would Like To Learn To Do: read/speak Russian fluently, read/speak Italian, lacemaking, book publishing
9. Describe Yourself In 7 Words: bubble-blowing reasonably stable nutjob with a brain
10. 3 Films You Could Watch Over And Over Again: Problem is, I tend to watch a ton of movies over and over...
11. Top 5 Favorite Solo Artists: Martina McBride, Josh Groban, Alan Jackson, Gloria Estefan, James Taylor
12. Most Embarrassing Moment: again, only one?
13. Vices You Are Most Prone To: eating large amounts of chocolate, procrastination, spending waaaaay too much at bookstores
14. Celebrities You Are Most Often Compared To: I dont' think I've ever been compared to a celebrity...anyone have any thoughts?
15. Weirdest Fact About Your Life: Oh, it's so hard to pick the weirdest...
16. Are Most Of Your Friends Near You Or Long Distance? If you define long-distance as "more than a half-hour's drive," then yes.
17. Favorite Fruits: banana
18. Favorite Veggies: tomatoes, bell peppers
19. Recurring Dreams: A thing involving bigger and smaller rocks.
20. Most Often Visited Websites: LiveJournal,
21. Do You Know Your Rising Sign?: Eh?
22. What Would You Ideally Like To Be Doing When You Are 55?: dancing
23. What Time Do You Usually Go To Bed? 10ish during the week
24. Alcoholic Beverages Of Choice:mudslide, Malibu & Coke
25. What Color Are Your Memories?: living color for the good memories, the grey that comes from swirling all the colors together for the bad ones.
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