Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Me, apparently

Goodness gracious I that transparent? We had a game in movement today that gave us an idea as to how well we know each other. Each person had to think of another person in the room, and everyone else in the group took turns asking questions about the person you're thinking of. But not your average questions, oh, no. What kind of tree would your person be? What kind of car? What kind of orgasm?

Well, there's sixteen of us in this group, and only an hour for the class, so obviously not every person would get done. I certainly didn't expect to be. Then Chip started answering questions. I've written down the questions and his answers as best as I can remember. Remember, these are his responses as to my nature - and, in my mind, scarily accurate.

What kind of fish? Goldfish (wanting to be a barracuda)
temperature? 75 degrees Farenheit
kind of pasta? Rice (close enough)
light fixture? Good strong reading lamp
breakfast cereal? Coco Puffs
party favor? bowl of chocolate goodies
taste? bittersweet chocolate
sexual position? (Oh, the shades of red he turned...) Dominant yet laid back
fabric? really nice soft wool
kind of song? Spanish ballad
kind of movie? unhappy romance (hrmph)
kind of hat? covers the ears, dark with splotches of color
book? Don Quixote (he said he could just picture me tilting at windmills)
animal? cat (duh)
type of salsa? medium, the good thick kind, not watery ("A person of substance")
type of plastic surgery? something involving spine-lengthening (to be taller)

Everybody guessed it so quickly! I was amazed. I also didn't realize how much someone had been able to glean from me so quickly.

Just an interesting little exercise in how much I've leaked to people so far. Welcome to week four.

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