Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

"Is that really your walk, sweetheart?"

(shakily) "yeah..."

Movement again today. We just walked around in the space, eventually falling behind one other person so that we were in pairs. Then the job was to learn to imitate your partner's walk. I ended up behind Catja, who tends to walk with hips swinging and head held high. It was something of a challenge for me, since it involved much movement that I just don't think about. Then we switched.

First of all, I walk rather slowly. I've got short legs, so, yeah. Then, I have this nasty tendency to watch the ground when I walk. Add to this that I wasn't having the best of days again today (I really wish I could figure out why - I even got a card from Bret today, which was very happy-making), and, yeah. My walk was drastically different from Catja's.

After we practiced walking around the space and getting each other's walks down, we did them in front of the group - at first with the person being imitated walking in front of the person imitating while the group tossed out suggestions, then the imitator walking alone for a minute while the imitatee watched. As soon as Catja and I started walking with her imitating me, I heard someone in the group say "aww...that's so cute!" After a minute, the teacher asked me "Is that really your walk, sweetheart?" Um, yeah...then I saw Catja walking like me. Good grief. I didn't realize I looked *that* pathetic...sheesh. Then somebody said "But that's a little slow...sometimes she walks faster than that", to which Catja responded by taking a couple of steps forward, head up, and giving everybody a big grin and my (apparently) well-known open-handed wave...something I do when I have to do something for Modern Physical and need to greet the audience. Everybody started cracking up, including me. It was amusing, if nothing else to make me think about how different my walks apparently are in changing circumstances.

These classes are making me think about aspects of myself I never had to worry about before. I mean, who thinks about their walk? The second you start focusing on that aspect of someone else, though, you start learning about yourself. Scary as the journey may be, it's a worthwhile one.

I wonder who I'll be at the end of all this?

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