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OK, that was odd...

I just got an interesting phone call. I decided to answer it, even though it showed up as anonymous on our caller id. It was a guy, who expected me to recognize his voice, since he never identified himself. He also never called me by name, so I'm not entirely sure he knew who he was calling...because he was telling me that he had a crush on me. That he'd dreamed about me.

Mother of Bob. By that point, it felt a little awkward to tell him that I didn't know who it was - especially since his voice was just on the edge of recognition for me. It's gonna drive me nuts now - he said he was going to call me back, and I think I'm just going to let the answering machine get it and maybe he'll identify himself to that. And if you are this person, I'm so very sorry for not recognizing your voice - but tell me who you are!!

Quite the predicament I've gotten myself into...
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