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Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm back. I got the new AC adapter in today, so I'm here once again.

I headed up to Everett on Wednesday morning (woo, Greyhound!) and got there about 5pm. Eric was there to pick me up, we got dinner and played a bit on...some video game equiment (Playstation, maybe?) before heading over to his friend Gavin's place to play some games and whatnot. We ended the evening over there by watching Pirates of the Caribbean (mmm, Johnny Depp - what a way to start the year!) Afterwards, headed over to Eric's (where was I was crashing) and watched the Princess Bride and eventually went to sleep. Thursday, we headed back to Portland eventually (mmm, snow and ice on the roads! At least it looked pretty) and stopped by Powell's (where he'd never been before), which closed ten minutes after we got there because of the weather. Grr, I say!

All in all, the new year has started out really, really well. I can watch romantic comedies again. :) And I have my computer back. Huzzah all around!
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