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So I've finally figured out what's wrong with me. For once, it's normal! Huzzah. Apparently, a study was done on students who travel abroad and it was shown that for the first three weeks or so of the program, the students' moods were very high and optimistic. Then, around week four - crash and burn. Down it goes. Well, week four is just about over, so hopefully things will start improving soon. They damned well better, at least - I've spent way too much fo my life down in the dumps, and I don't much like it here. I'm not saying I want to go up into the stars with euphoria or anything - the very idea of abandoning myself to anything, but particularly joy, alternately terrifies and repulses me - but I'd like to be above ground for a little bit. My life's remarkably good right now, if I think about it - I'm studying theatre in London, slowly gaining tiny bits of confidence in that area; I'm in love with someone wonderful who loves me; I have great friends, who send me real mail from timeto time; and I'm one of the few people who isn't sick around here (for the moment, knock Wood).

Be joyful, dammit!

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