Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
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Bored bored bored bored...How did I do this for as long as I did when I was in college?

oh, right. I had work to do and such. Not a problem this time.

My big problem is that when I'm bored, I'm boring. Thus my most recent yawn-worthy entries. My apologies, dear readers.

So how have I filled my days, you might ask? Waking up early to find out if I need to stay awake, finding out that I don't need to stay awake, emailing my volunteers to let them know not to come in (because I'm a good volunteer coordinator, I am!), and then crashing once more. After that...reading, watching TV, eating, (when Ma gets bored, she cooks - we've been feasting on Mexican food and cake), putzing around online, and not a whole lot more. Yeah, it's been a wild few days, can't you tell?

My kingdom for temperatures above freezing tomorrow...
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