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Would she just leave me alone?!? Every time I turn around, there she is! She hovers every second, she refuses to go away, she...*insert monosyllabic utterance of frustration here*

OK. I'm better now.

In other news, I'm remember how much I liked living in substance-free dorms - because then I didn't have to deal with drunks in my living room screeching and such while I try to get work done. But, thanks to my trusty CD player, headphones, and John Williams on guitar (be still, my heart...), I got through the work. And I got to talk to Bret and my mom today - all very happy things. I think I'm finally starting to rebound a bit from the week-four slump. Hallelujah, praise ye the Lord, etc. and so forth and such.

But could she just leave me alone?!?

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