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We started bombing Afghanistan. We took action. We retaliated.

Bloody hell.

I admit, I don't know much about the details behind everything. I just know that we've taken an action we can't untake, and before anyone's had a chance to really cooll off. It might just seem so sudden to me because I haven't kept up with the news, but, while it didn't take me off-guard, it did seem like something we could have done without. I don't want to become an adult in a war zone! I don't want to have my lifetime be written into the history books as being a time of war! The very word churns my stomach. I've never understood how ending the lives of a large number of people solved anything. Yes, I'm naive. Yes, to a certain extent I am innocent to the ideas of war, and politics, and everything else. Maybe that's why it makes no sense whatsoever to fight fire with fire and kill and destroy because they did. What is gained by dragging people into war? Why do it?

Maybe I am just too naive. There doesn't seem to be any concievable reason to any of it. They did the unthinkable - so now it's our turn?

Explain to me, please, why children will lose their parents. Again. Why families will be torn apart. Again. Why millions of dollars will be spent by a government already in debt to fight an enemy that can't even be fully contained to one country - the country is *not* the same as the people who committed the first crime.

If anyone can explain this to me, and make this seem like something that makes sense, by all means do. Until then, I will live in painful ignorance and innocence, trying to make sense of politics and war and everything we're supposed to be beyond.


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Oct. 10th, 2001 10:41 am (UTC)
The idea is that they're targeting Al Qaeda (Bin Laden's terrorist network, which has apparently been quite busy in the past and was likely behind 9/11) and the fundamentalist Taliban government, which has a truly abhorrent human rights record.

I don't know how many Afghan civilians will get killed in the process, and there will most likely never be any accurate count.
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