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So. I just spent the last hour or so out in the garage searching for one picture. I found it, along with a few other things that I consider extraordinarily dear:

A couple of coin-holding banks (one shaped like a vault with the Grinch on top, one a big jug labeled "Ashes of Idiots", both gifts from my mother) with much change inside;
A small dark purple glass bottle with dirt;
My copy of Daddy's obituary;
Several other photos, all that had been on my bulletin board last year at school and two of which I consider decent pictures of me (from the summer I lived with Julia C.);
A photo album with all my pictures from London;
Two small framed photos (one of Dad, used at his memorial service, one the last family photo we took);
A framed print of a cat with "Always know that you are loved" written on the bottom (a gift from Sra. Watson);
Our old Jenga game;
And my copy of The Giver.

It's a happy Stephie. Between all that and the fact that I still have 6 bars of Ghirardelli and now a pound of peanut M&Ms, I think I'm surrounded by creature comforts. Yes, I'm a packrat. Yes, I enjoy things, particularly when there's a memory attached. I'm a simple thing, what can I say? :)
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