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I live!

Seems like I haven't much updated in here lately...curious. Anywho, not a ton going on. I'm applying for a job as a library assistant for a few different libraries in WA - it'd be nice if I got the job, but we'll see. Took Erin out for dinner to celebrate her birthday, and then we watched a heinously horribly bad movie. Fortunately, it was 9:30 on a Sunday night - we were the only ones in the theater, so we could mock it as loudly as we wanted. Ooh, and mock it we did.

Busy week ahead, and then Everett on Friday. Yay! Sadly, it'll probably be my last time up there until my spring break, finances being what they are, but then I'm hoping to spend the entire week up there. *happy dance* Who knows, maybe I'll get a few more applications in. I don't like this whole feeling of not knowing what's going on next. I like things to be settled one way or another, and knowing what the deuce I'm doing. I'm funny like that, what can I say? :) I actually sent Erin the link to the application for the library assistant job, too - she's got plenty of library work, and she may be needing someplace to go after graduation if the college buys her apartment complex. It may work out that she and I become roommates, which would be interesting. Dunno if it'd be interesting good, bad, or ugly, but interesting nonetheless.

Now Stephie go thud.
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