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While you've chose to wear the same costume continually and you never get a new haircut, it looks good on you. No, it really does. Remember to always smile sincerely - after all, you're in the right. Never let your underlings discover the meaning of the word hypocrite, and tread carefully with your allies: many of them have issues with extreme measures and will think you've gone too far if you inform them of the full extent of your plans. Avoid any personal revelations like the plague. You're good at forming religious splinter groups and persuading people that you're right instead of fighting them. Get rid of those silly scruples: you must achieve your goal at any cost.
People who are Misguided Fanatics, just like you: Lucifer, Poison Ivy, Magneto, George W. bush, Boromir, Sinister, Cancerman, Riff

Death is a-okay! As long as it's not yours, or touches anything that belongs to you, of course. First off, change your name. You need a strong title that shouts, 'fear me mortal scum!' Make sure your eyes glow. If they don't now, add chemicals until they do. Go for the extremes: stunningly beautiful, hideously ugly, bling rage or emotionless calm. And though you can be calculating, remember: evil is the bottom line.
People who are Inherently Evil, just like you: Darth Vader, the Witch King of Agamar, Venom, Voldemort, the Borg, Angelus, Apocalypse, BelleMort, the First Evil, the Goblin Queen, Cthulu, Sauruman

Welcome to the wonderful world of psychosis! While straight jackets may be comfortable loungewear, may we suggest a shower and a body hugging easy to run and frolic in outfit for those exciting nights out. Try to acquire only the most stable or apathetic minions as they'll probably need to put up with overwhelming mood swings and make jailbreaks for you. Most of all, remember: you're crazy, have fun! (And visions from your past probably aren't real.)
People who are Insane, just like you: the Joker, Dr. Dee, the Green Goblin, Two-Face, Glorificus, Nero, Drusilla, Gollum, Frodo

Congratulations! You have the most fun of all the supervillians! You operate with a childlike mentality - meaning that you do what you want, when you want, and you ignore any and all possible consequences. You're as likely to attack with a nerf gun as a ray gun - but that nerf gun may be loaded with mutant mind control sparkly pumpkin spores. Unfortunately, the only minions you're likely to have are actually keepers. But in the good way - they'll remember to do things like find shelter, buy groceries, and remind you not to use licorice handcuffs to bind your enemies now matter how tasty it may seem. You'll be in a prison a good deal, but don't worry. You'll have fun there.
People who are Young at Heart, just like you: Legion, Akira, tigger, Aylee, Jemmy of the _ Brigade, Harley Quinn, Zim, C-person of the Books of Magic

Shhh! Be very quiet, you're taking over the world. Scratch that, you already have, or have you? No one knows. In fact, if it weren't for your occasional evil ventures, you'd just be another successful businessman. However, you control everything - mostly through blackmail and business deals instead of death and destruction. Remember, there is no good or evil, just you.
People who are Powerful Bastards, just like you: Lex Luthor, Starbucks, Smiler, Lucius Malfoy, Queen Titania, Jean-Claude, NSA, Wolfram and Heart, Lord Vetinari, the White Queen

Wow, but that was a lot of typing.
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