Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta


So glad I got out of Portland for the weekend. Went to see Starsky and Hutch with quizro and ryhopewood on Saturday - so bloody entertaining. Then dinner at their house, with ryhopewood's homemade pasta sauce...*drool* Much, much goodness all around.

Brought home more books on loan - Sir Apropos of Nothing and Knight Life from Eric, and Lord High Executioner from quizro. By the by, can I just say how cool it is to have friends who not only don't look at you funny when they find out that you have an admittedly morbid fascination with things like executions and the politics thereof, and not only have books on the subject, but also are willing to lend said books to you, even though you live four hours away??? It's a beautiful thing.

And now to find the chips and salsa to munch...mmm, munch. And Angela will be here tomorrow! *bouncebouncebounce*

82 more days...
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