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On the way home from a day trip to Stratford with a stop at Warwick Castle. The experiences themselves were wonderful - the castle was absolutely stunning, and the show we saw tonight was remarkable. However, I spent most of today alone. I'm even sitting alone right now, my own little island at this point. To some extent this was somewhat voluntary, but I chose this because I didn't feel that I'd be welcome with some of the groups of people. No one waited for me for anything, that much I know for sure. It wasn't like anyone was actively sending "Go Away!" signals my way - just a whole lot of apathy.

Well, not entirely. Whilst I wandered, people would greet me as I saw them - many of them by name, including people I can't remember ever actually meeting, which was new. I would attach myself to a group for a bit, sort of on the fringe, and somehow lose them via wandering, zigging where they zagged. OK, so it was more of my own doing that I was alone today than I realized. So be it.

Now the bus is riding through the night, in the fog. I think I've decided fog is second only to rain in my mind of favorite weather conditions to watch. When we were at the castle, the clouds were low enough that the sun shone above them and there was a high layer of fog over everything. It was breathtaking.

To be honest, I don't think I really mind having done everything (well, most everything) alone today. It's better than being stuck with someone I don't feel comfrotable around, and it gave me a certain amount of freedom to which I'm not entirely accustomed.

Now I think I'll nap for a bit, so as to avoid hearing conversations around me that, much as I may want to join in, would not benefit from my babbling.

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