Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

This is what happens when Stephie's home sick

Awhile ago, I saw the song meme - pick a song that reminds you of each person on your friends list. Naturally, this takes a bloody long time to come up with songs for everybody. But finally, with time on my hands, I've come up with songs for most everybody. If you're not on this list, it's because I probably don't know you all that well yet.

aetius - I Love the Rain, The Real Tuesday Weld
banalapercu - Shaving Cream, Dr. Demento
blackcladsatan - Iron Man, (the band name escapes me)
eponym - Man of the Hour, Pearl Jam
gamethyme - Angels, Melissa Etheridge
grimhild - Best Days of Our Life, Baha Men
ibnfirnas - California Girls, The Beach Boys
jennekirby - Dream a Little Dream of Me, Mamas and the Papas
knittinggoddess - All the Things She Said, t.A.t.U.
konomaigo - Spanish Ballad, performed by Andres Segovia
leech - For the Longest Time, Billy Joel
mustela - Rapper's Delight, (artist escapes me)
mysticorangutan - Don't Wanna Live on the Moon, Sesame Street
nire - Imaginary, Evanescence
pict_shrink - Wouldn't It Be Nice?, The Beach Boys
queen_oblivia - the Hedgehog Song, Terry Pratchett
quizro - the song used in the walk-off in Zoolander
redsouffle - Fare Thee Well, Indigo Girls
ryhopewood - Anything off of Blue Flame
saphriel - Lying Here With Me, Dido
suibhne_geilt - Lord of the Dance, (artist escapes me)
xtiana - Drive, Incubus

Feel free to ask me why I chose the song I did, but be warned that my answer may very well be "I dunno...'cause." :)
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