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So I'm back from my week in Everett, all safe and sound. Eric and I managed to not kill each other while together for an entire week, which I find impressive. It means that when I crash at his place until I save up enough for my own place, we'll not be on each other's nerves for at least a little while. :)

When he drove me back, he came to my cousins' for my mini-birthday-thingy. Two birds, one stone - this way we get the birthday thing with the cousins out of the way, and Ma gets to spend more than five seconds with Eric. Overall, it went well. Eric and my cousin Tom hit it off pretty well - Maureen (Tom's wife) wasn't quite as nosy as usual (well, then), and Mackenzie (their daughter) was absolutely abominably cute. She's 15 months old, with big honkin' dimples and the sweetest smile. Afterwards, Ma offered to take us out to dinner (!!! This, in Ma language, means she likes Eric), and finally Eric headed back to Everett. Sigh.

Well, then I found out what Maureen and Tom had actually thought, and was reminded how I don't especially like Maureen. (Ma went back to their place to pick up some stuff we'd left there, and met us at the restaurant.) Apparently, Maureen's first words were something along the lines of "I can't believe you allowed her to meet this guy from the internet! I'd never let Mackenzie do something like that." It went from there. "If they end up getting married, I want them to be dating for at least a year." Excuse me? YOU want? Do we get a say? *sigh* This is what she's like, by and large. She flipped out about me moving to Washington (the fact that I want to establish residency to make going to UW for the MILS program cheaper is, apparently, an afterthought - I'm really just moving there for Eric), and made it very clear that she thought it was entirely her business about what I was going to do. This is why we only see each other every three months or so.

On the upside, Ma likes him. Really, that's the important thing. And I like him, which is even more important. :) It's been a wonderful week, but it is nice to get home and be back with my own kitties again. And really, there's nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.
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