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And I'm back! Con was fan-bloody-tastic, and I'm already looking forward to next year. (the Language of Fantasy! Linguists!! Stephie-heaven!!!) Much pretty stuff was seen, a few things bought (a new ring, so I have more shiny stuff, and a silk shirt with big, flowy sleeves), and many new people met. Really, I realized that I was hanging out with the right crowd when I made a comment and lunch referencing a Daffy Duck cartoon (the Daffy Duck-as-Robin Hood one), and the others at the table went through the cartoon with me. It was glorious.

I went to only a few panels - scheduling was wonky, and there weren't a ton of them that interested me a lot. But the ones I went to were great, very entertaining. All in all, my first big Con experience was quite enjoyable.

It's already half-way through April. Ye gods.
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