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I received a small package today - a bar of incredible chocolate and a card from Bret. He'd told me that he'd sent me the card; the chocolate was a complete surprise.

The card was mostly stuff in response to something I'd written in response to something he'd written - sort of a long-delayed conversation. But somehow, somewhere along the lines, my mindset changed. I knew before that I loved him - now I *know* I really just *love* him. I can't explain it much better than that, so I won't try. Suffice to say I spent most of today feeling very warm and fuzzy and loved. Even Norman's comment in High Comedy that he didn't believe I had "one ounce of self-love" in my body couldn't really bring me down.

Last night I talked to my mother for awhile - about Daddy, about people here, about my older brother, Mom's finishing up of radiation treatments (she's done on Thursday - YAY!), and all the other stuff we'd talk about when it was late and I needed somebody to cry to. I miss her. I miss having somebody to cry to.

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