Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Hark, I have returned!

The good:
Seeing the family (well, a good chunk of the family, anyway) for the first time in 5 years
Meeting some of the little 'uns (Nicole and Matthew - SO CUTE)
Discovering that I can actually hold conversations with the Twig without wanting to kill myself or them
Receiving money from my grandmother (completely unexpected)
Hearing many stories from the family history that I hadn't heard before. My great-uncle, James W. Wood, was apparently a big-shot in the Dyna-Soar program (a pre-NASA military program that was exploring space travel). If you've ever seen the movie Space Cowboys, there's a scene in one of the offices where there's a picture on the wall of Col. Wood crashing one of their planes.

The bad:
Church last Sunday. The church has gotten a new minister, and I really just didn't like his message - very much an "us vs. them", with the 'us' being members of that particular church, and making it kinda obvious that if you weren't a member, you weren't really worth his time.
Trying really, really hard not to get into the religion debate with the family, particularly after church
The HEAT. 90-100 degrees the entire time I was there, and fairly muggy (to my wussified Portland sensibilities - I've become very sensitive to humidity now)
Visiting Daddy's grave. 'Nuff said.

The ugly:
Getting the 'find a good church' lecture from the Aunt. 'Not just for you, but for the kids. (pause) You know, later on.'
Finding out that A. (the youngest son in the Twig) is soon to be a father. TERRIFYING thought
Being somewhere in between the grown-ups and the little 'uns - y'see, I'm not married, so I'm obviously not a grown-up. But I'm also over 13...
Sudden (but not unexpected) bout of depression leading to much sleep and avoidance of the family at large
Sharing a bed with my mother. She tosses and turns worse than I do, and snores just enough to keep me awake.
Lack of kitties. :(

And that's the news from Colorado. Next up: The Move to Washington. Which means packing. *shudder*
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