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This week has been...interesting. Work is still going well - I've managed to make a good number of friends there, and whatnot. Wednesday was my first time on the phones (with a mentor - I did the typing, she did the talking), which went well. My mentor wasn't bilingual, so I didn't get to take/hear any calls in Spanish - I'm still pretty nervous about that. Our next mentoring session is on Tuesday, and we're supposed to actually take calls (ie, talk) then. Eep.

Friday, met good people with Eric - fireballof3, bayushiboy, and theonlymegumegu (hi, guys!). Bayushiboy gave us a laptop, which is what I'm using right now. It's more advanced than mine, and makes me happy, even if it is a PC. :)

Saturday was gaming in Tacoma, with character generation for the evil game. Such was a beautiful thing.

That was the good. The bad (and ugly) involve my paycheck not showing up (we checked with the post office, and as far as they know, no one from the bank sent anything to this address), and my computer having...issues. I met apestyle and princessgeek today, as we took my poor laptop over there to see if apestyle could do anything for it. He's having to take it in to work (the hospital, if you will), because whatever is wrong with it, it's more complicated than he thought. This makes me feel marginally better, as it means it's not something really simple and dumb that's wrong. At any rate, I'm going to be in the market for a new computer, anyway - was already planning on it, but this just sort of expedites the process if whatever's wrong with the old one can't be fixed.

Back to work tomorrow - woo! I still find it exciting that I have an ID badge, and all. I saw a few folks in the lobby, getting ready for the assessment (part one of the hiring process) - I did what I could to help calm them down, as they all looked pretty nervous. Still just so happy I've got a job...
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