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Conversation @ 1am

Now, keep in mind that Eric's eyes were open the entire time, and of course, this morning he had no recollection of the entire event.

Occasionally I'm unable to sleep squeezed up next to Eric - I start tossing and turning a lot, and that makes for a bad night for us both. So I'll go out to the couch, and I'll let him know before I go. Last night, I told him this, and he suggested that we rearrange ourselves on the bed first, to see if that would work, because "I don't want to drive you out to the couch." (The rest is as close to verbatim as I can remember.)

E: Besides, Bellingham is so far away.
M: ???
E: Lake Stevens isn't that far. The couch keeps moving. But I'm just too tired to drive you out to the couch tonight, sweetie.
M: Umm...I can walk, y'know.
E: No! No, it's too far. Toooooooo far.

Attempt at sleep in new positions failed, so I told him I was heading out to the couch.

E: Ok, you can take the car. Just be careful, ok?
M: Um, ok. So, do you want me to set the alarm? Wade and Angela are tomorrow.
E: Are you taking it with you?
M: No, I'll leave it here *stifled giggles*
E: Ok...we're supposed to meet them at noon, right? So leave here around 11...wait, do I have to go out to the couch to pick you up?
M: No, I'll come back here and meet you. (At this point, it was just easier to play along. Also much, much funnier.)
E: Ok, then set it for 10. Call me when you get to the couch, ok?
M: Baby, I'll be all right.
E: Call me when you get there! I'll worry.
M: Ok, I'll call.
E: (As I'm walking out the bedroom door) I won't sleep until I hear your call, ok? I love you!

Two seconds later, the snores.

I was waaaaaaaay too amused by this. Especially when I told him all about it this morning. :) And now, to Baja Fresh and Wade and Angela!
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