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I got into The Winter's Tale, which was the play I really wanted to be in. I don't know what part I have - it'll be cast in the first week of rehearsals, I guess. So my almost-spectacular display of tripping over (and nearly losing) my skirt during my audition apparently didn't hurt it.

Now I'm lying here, effectively locked in my room as one of my flatmates hooks up with one of the most talented and all-around nice guys around here in the next room. Joanne, the flatmate currently making noises my CD player barely drowns out, is the type of girl who decides what (or who) she wants, and goes after it.

But does it have to be here? The party's at his flat - I'm sure they could've found a room there.

That's the other thing - the Halloween party's tonight, probably still going on, and it was exactly like I imagined all those parties in high school I avoided to be. Booze and cigarette (and other) smoke in abundance, little food, bad music, and everyone moving around and getting progressively drunker and more liberal with their affections. And there's that one girl in the corner, dancing by herself, that everyone sort of nods at but otherwise avoides. That was me. I couldn't get out of there soon enough.

I can't wait until rehearsals start - having a show to focus on will help me block all this high school social crap that's been slapping me in the face this whole time. I never wanted to return to high school. I couldn't wait to get out the first time around.

OK, so apparently I was wrong about who Joanne was hooking up with - in that case, I haven't the froggiest idea what was going on in there. And I don't especially want to know. I just know it's late, and I was able to walk out of a room with about six or seven of the people I considered friends (or the closest thing to them I've found here), and not a single person noticed. Such is life here at BADA High.

God, I miss home...I hate homesickness. It comesin waves, and just when you think you're over it, another wave hits.

Dammit all.
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