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Oh, for the love of chocolate...the fire alarm here has gone off intermittently for the past couple of minutes, and it's one of the more irritating forms of alarms. Thank heavens for headphones.

So Clarissa cleared out yesterday morning, leaving me the flat to myself for the rest of the week. Yesterday was a stay-in day - playing new CD's on my little portable CD player and speakers, reading and eating both in excess. I'm determined to get out today, and so I'm here in the internet cafe. After a bit, I'm probably going to wander around Covent Garden for awhile, get some early Christmas shopping done.

Christmas. Good grief.

It's a beautiful day - the sun's out, and it's freezing. Apparently not a typical November day in London, but I'm not one to complain. Though I do miss the rain a bit...sigh.

I got spoiled this weekend - I got to talk to Bret three times. And to think, I didn't imagine I'd get to talk to him at all this weekend since he was at his mom's...Sadly I was rather incoherent (more so than usual) in the last conversation, it being at 5am when he got back home. But still, it was good to hear his voice. (Oh, look, sap!)

And now to bundle up and brave the outdoors...and get some gloves. Definitely.
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