Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

No overtime for me! I came in today, and I probably shouldn't have, given how I'm feeling. I'm going to stick it out for my normal shift (as best I can), but overtime? Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha.

Weekend was much with the goodness. Friday - crashed for a few hours after coming home early, had Gahan and Mandy over for dinner and for game-buying (they sold Gahan's car, so they were looking for a new game to buy) - we introduced them to our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), where they enjoyed themselves immensely and bought a few new games. We played one of them that night, too, which we played horribly, horrifically wrong - one teeny line in the rules that we missed would have changed everything.

Saturday - morning, playtesting a new game from France at the FLGS, which was much fun, and then a sealed Pirates of the Spanish Main event (Pirates is a game involving little miniature ships that come in cards - you pop the pieces out of the cards and build them). I got slaughtered, Eric won - sounds about right. Then a quick run home, then gaming at fireballof3's house with several other folks. Mostly just Chez Geek (with Chez Goth mixed in) - very much fun. Then home and crash.

Sunday - hanging out with ryhopewood and quizro, who we had not seen in some time. Played more Chez Geek/Chez Goth, and Betrayal at House on the Hill - a game I really really like. Dinner scarfed during Betrayal, from Qdoba - a burrito place Eric and I had not tried before. 'Twas quite good overall.

So, yeah. Great weekend overall. Just wish I was feeling better today. Better than I was on Friday, but not by much. *sigh*
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