Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta


So, I'm trying really hard to not be really girly and show off the sparkly piece of gold on my left ring finger, but it's really difficult. I don't get horribly girly very often, but...*squee*!

It's official now - not only do I have the ring, I TOLD MY MOTHER. There's no going back, now. Not that I'd want to, but now, my mother's involved. She told me that there is apparently a list of family members that I'm obligated to tell personally, rather than letting the family gossip mill (aka Mom) dispense the news. Meh, I can deal with that. I have to tell my brother myself anyway, since I want him and my mother to walk me down the aisle. Then there are a couple of aunts and uncles and my grandmother that I need to tell. The rest of the family will know from there.

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