Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

So it's the new year...

Guess I'd better figure out what I'm doing this year, eh?

Because I refuse to call them resolutions. Less guilt involved that way. :)

1) Apply to UW MLIS program (GREs next Friday, app. due March 15th)
2) Get paid off as much as possible for wedding expenses
3) Figure out what the wedding expenses will be (like, where the deuce we'll be doing this, etc.)
4) Paying off credit card
5) Continue to pay off student loan (if I get into MLIS program, being a student=deferrment. I just want to keep paying off so I don't have as much hanging over my head when I finish.)
6) Get a new computer (as mine's finally had it)
7) Get my mother off my back about losing weight (literally the second thing she asked me when I told her Eric and I were engaged was "So, how's the weight loss thing going? How much do you want to lose before the wedding?")
8) Get a Stephie-cave in the apartment (already working towards that, and hopefully will be doing more towards that end tomorrow)
9) Actually talk to my brother
10) Get rid of the fucking migraines (which have been every day since before Christmas, and the doctor's not hugely helpful)

Not a lot, but then, I've never been hugely ambitious.

Happy 2005, everyone!
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