Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Ten things to do in the next 10^0 (1) days:
1. Grocery shopping.
2. Rearrange the money situation, with the paycheck and all.
3. Go to my mother's and snuggle my Milky-cat.
4. See if there's any new jobs on craig's list to apply for.
5. Snuggle my Eric. :)
6. Clean the catbox.
7. Pack for Mom's.
8. Finish my UW MLIS application.
9. Get started on the FAFSA for the above (I know, I'm late, but eh).
10. Do some more veil research (anybody know a good place to find a mantilla?).
Ten things to do in the next 10^1 (10) days:
1. Get WA driver's license (I know, I know...).
2. Order refills on headache meds.
3. Call WaMu's HR about COBRA (and laugh hysterically at the cost).
4. Clean up the living room (a bit, at least).
5. File Oregon income taxes.
6. Get a job.
7. Buy Eric his "yay, he got a job!" present.
8. Make 10-bean soup.
9. Bake something.
10. Go to dinner with Eric's folks.
Ten things to do in the next 10^2 (100) days (3.3 months):
1. No, seriously: Get a job!!
2. Put down the deposit for the ceremony/reception site.
3. Find my veil and start looking at fabrics for my dress.
4. Go on a seriously frivolous shopping spree (as soon as I can afford it).
5. Drag Erin up here for a weekend.
6. Get my mother up here to visit and meet Eric's folks (dun dun DUN!)
7. NorWesCon!!!!
8. Do something impressive and temporary to my hair (just because).
9. See Steve Vai and Joe Satriani in concert. (Eeeeeee!)
10. Get a bigger dresser.
Ten things to do in the next 10^3 (1,000) days (2.9 years):
1. Get married! (Eeeeee!)
2. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
3. Go back to Spain.
4. Take Eric to London.
5. Move into a bigger place.
6. Start finding library work.
7. Go out to Maryland to visit my brother.
8. Be involved in something that gets published.
9. Take some more salsa classes.
10. Finish at least one of my big cross-stitch projects.
Ten things to do in the next 10^4 (10,000) days (28.9 years):
1. Become a school librarian.
2. Have a home with a big garden.
3. Get published myself.
4. Get another random degree.
5. Be involved in a professional theater.
6. Be involved in a film (acting, writing - anything).
7. Start some sort of book-and-reading program to help kids.
8. Be one of the crazy cat people in the neighborhood.
9. Find my way home.
10. Live this long with Eric.
Ten things I think will happen in the next 10^4 (100,000) days (289 years):
1. A woman will be president of the US.
2. Gay marriage will be legalized in the United States.
3. Collapse and restructing of the public education system.
4. PERSONAL JET PACKS for one and all.
5. Implanted cell phones.
6. Major restructuring/possible collapse of U.S. government.
7. World War III.
8. The world's oil supply goes dry/gets dangerously low.
9. A robot in every home.
10. A home for every person (hey, what can I say, I'm an optimist).
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