Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

The day began with encouraging and warm and loving and all around happy words from Bret.

Then school, where I found two boxes of love from home - one from my mom, one from five of my friends. My chocolate stash has increased manytimes over, not to mention that warm fuzzy I-am-loved feeling.

The day continued with a good rehearsal, getting to know each other and our director. We won't know what parts we have until Wednesday at the latest, but right now I'm not concerned - I like getting to know the play without focusing in on one particular role. It really does affect the way you perceive a play when you read it, knowing that this or that character is YOURS.

The day ended with a movie watching upstairs, with a generous sharing of some of my chocolate. (The fudge, however, is being guarded like mad.) We watched Men In Black, which I'd forgotten was set in NYC. Seeing the Twin Towers on film, knowing that they won't be there when I get home - that I'll be flying right near where they were, actually - is still something of a shock.

Now I'm writing in the dark again, just about ready to fall asleep. I@m still going off of that buzz of knowing I mean something to someone -to several someones, in fact. I don't care how "successful" I become - there's no better feeling than that.
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