Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

I live!

Yeah, it's been awhile. Let's see...CON! Con was so cool. I spent a good chunk of the time getting my brain full of stuff picked up from the panels - the theme of Con this year was language, so there was a linguist as the science guest of honor (Suzette Haden Elgin, for those who want specifics) whose panels I saw. She was really cool, and had a lot of interesting things to say all around. I'd go into more detail, but I'm at work and left my notebook at home. Plus, a lot of her ideas are still percolating here - I need to muse on them for a little longer before I write about them.

After Con, it was back to work. I'm working in the mailroom of a law office, which means that my day goes something like this: open the envelope, toss the envelope in the recycle bin, look at the contents of the envelope, and (usually) chuck the contents in the shred bin (while cursing the sharpness of paper - stupid paper). The only thing that saves me from total monotony is my iPod.

Overall, life is good. Eric's got a couple of job leads (one of which may have gone straight to hell today, but we'll see), and he got me Worms Forts for the X-Box for my birthday (which is today!). Much goodness all around.

Aaaaand that's about it. So, how are you?
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