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Tim and Sharon are married now. It was a bee-yutiful ceremony, and both the bride and the groom were looking hot. They also tore it up on the dance floor.

It was great to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in ages. Andrew may be able to start making it to Game Night again - he had to forego Game Night for awhile, as his friendly local game store was hosting a game he liked to play (Magic, I think?), but that has now ended. So, yay!

I got Eric to dance with me (twice!) - two slow songs, but hey, I got to dance with my Eric.

Now, it's getting close to the time of the crashing. Tomorrow evening is the seventies-themed auction with knittinggoddess, which will be, well, groovy. :)

Sorry my updates have been so very lame of late. I'm not really living a life worth writing down lately, it seems. Hrm. Must to work on that.
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