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Yeah, it's been awhile. Let's see, what's happened since the last time I posted?

I went to Mom's for the weekend, and had much fun. Saturday evening was spent with Erin, as we grabbed food (walked INTO Kuhn Pic's and had to walk away, food-less, because it was crowded and we just didn't have the time...*sniff*) and went to see Paul Miller in "Jesus Christ Superstar." He was Pontius Pilate, a role he's been wanting to play since high school, and he was freakin' awesome. Not that I had any doubt. Erin and I concurred that the show was, all around, kick ass, and that neither of us would have a problem with kidnapping Judas ('cause dang, but he was hot). :)

Monday: a man jumped from the 18th floor of the building where Eric works (he works on the 19th floor, immediately above where the man jumped from). He died a few hours later.

Tuesday: I found out that a girl on my college's campus (my old college...the one I graduated from...someday, I'll figure out the proper verbage for that) was taken from her on-campus apartment, raped, and brought back. I lived in those apartments (if they're the ones I'm thinking of), and I used to walk through that area all the time, at night, alone, because I felt safe. Now I know how lucky I was.

Wednesday: It's 2:30, and I'm about finished with all the work I have for the moment. It means bugging someone for something to do, hopefully fairly brainless, because I'm BEAT, but yeah. Oh, and my mom's boss' mother passed this morning from late-stage brain cancer.

I'm planning to head to Portland on Saturday for Dustin's wedding, and possibly some on-campus time to see those folks who are graduating and stuff (since there's no way I can get Monday off for graduation). I'm just hoping that I can get through the rest of the week without this disaster-a-day trend continuing. I realize that, if I look hard enough, there's bound to be a disaster a day ANYWAY, but these are a little too close, methinks.

Oh, and I'm skipping Game Night tonight. Stephie must needs go kathud. And talk to mom, who'll be calling tonight, but mostly kathud.

Can I go home yet?


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May. 11th, 2005 10:05 pm (UTC)

You can go home "Soon."

May. 12th, 2005 01:55 pm (UTC)
Dustin's getting married!?!?! To whom? (I never thought of him as dating anyone.) How did I miss this?

If you look hard enough, there's always something bad that might happen. On the other hand, there's also something good that might happen. The question is on which one do you want to focus? Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) it's hard and you have to consciously force yourself to look at the good. But you know my "Smile it confuses people" t-shirt? I read a scientific article somewhere saying that smiling actually improves your mood, even if you start out feeling crappy. Plus you get to go around creeping people out by smiling at them. ;)

waml! :*
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