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So, my manager just came by to tell me that the head honchos will be "offering me a job" (basically hiring me full-time, as opposed to through the temp agency) as early as tomorrow, but definitely before the end of the month. Woo, benefits and a raise (I'll be at $12/hr! ROCK!)!

This is most likely a direct effect of the discussion I had with someone from HR yesterday who had been told to have a meeting with me re: my nose-blowing. Yes, the fact that I blow my nose frequently (and, apparently, loudly) was cause for a meeting. *headdesk* I just told her that I have slight allergies to dust, and since I don't have benefits yet, I can't go to the doctor's office to get something. I wasn't in trouble or anything, she was just 'bringing it to my attention'. Oy.

But yay benefits! Yay actual, honest-to-God full-time employment! *bounce*
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