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Generate Your Own "VH1: Behind the Music Special" -- Why wait until you're bankrupt and alone? by MilesToGo13
You rose to the battle houses of urban Detroit, where your stage name was MC Chocolate Pants, for reasons everyone remains extremely reluctant to talk about on camera.
Your first big break came in the form of...a serendipitous if not tragic accident, where your group's raggedy tour bus lost its brakes while passing through Los Angeles, sending you careening out of control into the middle of an American Idol audition line. Dozens of future Idols were killed instantly, earning you the endless gratitude of the legitimate recording industry, and a record deal.
Your career reached an all-time high killed both Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell in a ritualistic knife fight on live television, causing your record sales to jump 800% overnight.
Your recreational activity of choice on tour was..having groupies wrestle various dangerous animals for your entertainment in a crude gladiatorial style arena that the road crew was required to construct for you at every stop, or else you wouldn't go on stage.
But then, tragedy struck, when...while performing for the Super Bowl halftime show, another "wardrobe malfunction" from a performer on a nearby stage causes the Patriot Police to storm the stadium, killing your drummer, bassist, and chief roadie in the ensuing bloody firefight to protect our children from nipples.
You were crushed, filling your days calls to your old roadies, trying not to sound too hurt when they tell you how much fun they're having with their new bands. Because you're happy for them, all you wanted was for them to be happy, right?
But then, your savior came along in the form of...jennekirby
These days, you spend most of your time...working as a television evangelist for the Trinity Broadcast Network, having found out that they get more play, make more money, and score better drugs than you ever dreamt of as a rock star.
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