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Ah, the joys of being able to hear my fiance's conversations with his mother. I suddenly heard my name being mentioned from the other room, and realized that Eric had been spending the last ten minutes explaining to his mother why he buys his games from his Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) rather than direct from the company that prints/makes the games, as he can at Origens and GenCon. The way he seemed to be able to get this through was with a quilting analogy, involving him being a fabric manufacturer and me being a shop owner. I just had to laugh.

Spent this evening surrounded by people Eric knew in high school. One of them, Lee, is getting married, and was having an engagement party. So I got to see him again (he's come to visit one other time - he lives in China now), and meet his fiancee, Yuko (really nice woman); I got to meet Paul, another of the Puyallup gaming crowd, and his wife Amy (also a really nice woman - she works at a childcare center, and is one of the few people who have such a job that doesn't make me fear for the children), and Charlie and his...girlfriend, I think? Brie (she bugged me. The combination of clothing designed to not just accentuate the positives, but make them the only things one can focus on, and an attitude that made it clear she thought she was better than these guys who did this "gaming" thing, just set my nerves on edge). All the guys seemed really cool, and they all seemed happy to meet me and hear that Eric and I are getting married. Lots of congratulations abounded.

Now, methinks, is the time to sleep. Tomorrow we sleep in, and then clean. Woo and ha, I say.
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