Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Nita's sorta-boyrfriend Solly leaves tomorrow. Libby's boyfriend Phil left yesterday. by the end of tomorrow, all of the girls in this flat will be back to our living-without-boyfriends-here state.

Thank heavens. As much as I liked hanging out with the guys (especially Phil - the boy is practically a cartoon), it really made me miss Bret to see them with their girlfriends. Just the inside jokes, the talking for hours, the hugs and whatnot (especially the hugs...) - dang it, I miss Bret.

Between missing people and being driven up the wall by Clarissa, I'm ready to go home. Between the plays, the city and the work, I'm ready to stay. I adore being a paradox. Though I think homevibes are stronger than stayvibes right now. But I know there's stuff I'm going to miss. Figures. As usual, just as I'm getting used to a place as home, I'm leaving. But this time I'm going back home. Sort of. I have no idea how much it and I have changed, and how compatible we are anymore. We shall see.

Three weeks.
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