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LJ Interests meme results

  1. books:
    The paper things that open new worlds and let you revist old ones.
  2. cross-stitch:
    A type of embroidery done on evenly-woven fabric, with a charted pattern. Something my mother taught me to do when I was 10 so I would sit down and shut up for a few minutes.
  3. eddie izzard:
    British, bilingual, cross-dressing comedian extraordinaire.
  4. guitar:
    Stringed instrument used for everything from folk to classical to SHRED METAL! *headbangs* ... Ahem.
  5. languages:
    I want to be a polyglot when I grow up. Better to be laughed at and know what they're saying about you than to laugh along, without the faintest idea that you're the joke.
  6. military:
    More the military lifestyle (ie, growing up a military brat, raising your family while being in the military) than the actual, y'know, war stuff.
  7. office supplies:
    Have you SEEN how many kinds of pens there are out there?!? The mind boggles!
  8. puzzles:
    When I can wrestle the pieces away from the cats, a fine way to spend an afternoon.
  9. spanish:
    My second language, and the more beautiful of the two, in my opinion. I've been studying it (off and on) since I was 8, and I'm still not convinced I'm truly "fluent."
  10. translation:
    The reason why there's so bloody much misunderstanding - how are you supposed to figure things out when one language can have, as a single word, an idea that takes several sentences to explain in another language? Here's to the GOOD translators (of which I am not one).

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