Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Well, crap

So I woke up unable to swallow. Never a good sign. Apparently, the Plague that's been hitting a batch of my friends (as well as Eric) decided to give me a shot. Bastard.

Anyway, that means I have to call out from work today. And since I just can't justify taking two days off in a week (particularly when there's a new person to train, which is a whole other story), it means I'm working on Friday. Which kinda kills my earlier plans for Serenity viewing with Susie and Katie and Co.

So, yeah. I'm really sorry about that, guys. I'll be hitting the first showing after I get off of work (so, after 5), but I don't know what theater yet. It does mean that I get to watch it for the first time with Eric, though (since he has to work until 4:45 that day), so that's something. When I figure out what theater, I'll post here in case anyone wants to join us.

But for now, time to curl up in bed again. *hackcoughwheezeow*
Tags: whine
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