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How bizarre...since I've been in this webcafe, I've now heard two songs that factored majorly into productions I've done in the past, that I haven't heard since those productions.

And the Macarena. You know, when you haven't heard it in about 3 years, it's almost a halfway-decent song for the first few seconds.

A friend has put my other online journal on his website ( I found his description of the journal fairly accurate - "Find out what a theatre major who craves chocolate and loves a boy named Bret truly thinks about ye olde town of London." It pretty well covers this diary, as well.

I wonder if I'm going to keep the other one up when I get back. That one was created essentially so that people back home would have some idea what was going on here, without my having to email them constantly. Yes, I am just that lazy. This journal (and its predecessor, which essentially died a couple of weeks into my stay here) is where I actually dump the unfiltered thoughts. Which is probably why the writing is so...less than stellar. Thus, this diary will probably stay alive when I get home. The other one, sé. (Sidebar: Can I just say how impressed I am with myself that I remembered how to do an accented e on a PC, when it's been years since I've needed to? I'm so cool...) I'll figure something out in the next couple of weeks, I suppose.

Two weeks from today, I'll be flying home. Good Lord. It's December - Advent has started, the year ends in a month, my three months here are almost up. When in the hell did all that happen?

And thus ends another pointless and rambling entry. Tune in next time for even more pointless rambling! Woo-hoo.
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