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Less than two weeks. Our plays perform next week - good Lord. I haven't been in a full play in over two years - the last time I was onstage, I was doing a short scene from a musical.

Needless to say, I'm a smidge nervouse. However, apparently my nerves are not causing noticible tension. Eric came by a minute ago looking for something, rousing me from a semi-sleep in which I kept imagining going home and seeing everyone again, and the first thing he said was that I looked relaxed and calm. It's probably the idea of seeing everyone again. I may (hope hope hope) be able to see Angela during my extremely long layover on the East Coast. (Update: Yeah, I will - the arrival times work out beautifully.) That would make me happy beyond belief. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but, man, that would be cool...

The last full week of rehearsal. Then, our show gets Monday through Wednesday to rehearse, Thursday morning and afternoon to tech, Thursday evening to perform - and then it's over.

It's all coming to an end.
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