September 13th, 2001

XBox Me

People and half-dreams

Clarissa's opening up, calming down, and looks to have a crush on a very nice guy named Eric. A great sigh of relief was heard from the British Isles this evening...

On a completely different note, Joanne was talking tonight about how she wants to be taken out for a romantic date, with sightseeing and such during the day, including a ride on the Eye of London, then a nice, romantic candle-lit dinner, ending with champagne and chocolate mousee (the girl's got excellent taste), and then a visit to a posh hotel room to do that which it has officially been six months since I've done. Strange, but much of what she talked about (at the very least, the sightseeing-with-someone part) is what I've been half-dreaming lately. There's so much that I'd love the people I love to see with me - it isn't so much being by myself around here, it's that I want to be with particular people and seeing this stuff. I keep having these wonderful half-dreams about the people I hold most near and dear being here, which I should sensibly keep to myself. The details of which I shall, of course - there's no use lamenting that which is not meant to be. But I could really go for some actual human contact (though I much appreciate the E-hugs, people), particularly from those I know hug extraordinarily well. You know who you are.

And now, to half-dream until sleep...perchance to dream...but in that sleep what dreams may come?