September 20th, 2001

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I've gone disgustingly overachiever here, finishing work for later next week tonight. Part of it comes from being too tired and cheap to go out, of course. Though today I hit a plateau - I'm just not going to worry about it. I'll spend what I need to, and if I come up short at the end, then and only then will I talk to Ma. So hopefully I'll stop talking about money in here, thus saving my faithful reader from being bored to tears.

My second week here is almost over. Good grief. This week flew by, most likely because it was the first full week of classes and everything. It's been exhausting, though. I ended up having to leave the play at intermission last night - standing in the Globe yard to watch King Lear may be some supposedly wonderful historical experience, but my blood pressure dropped enough in the first hour to make me almost pass out. Not fun. But I made it home, ate, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow we have a masters class, which basically means a workshop for the entire school. We can come with something prepared, to present for the instructor and the group and to work on, so I have one of my monologues from my audition for this program. However, I'm petrified to get up and do it - after yesterday in Modern Physical (the critique started with "what did we like about htis...piece, to use the word loosely? Was there anything we liked?" and went downhill from there), I don't know. I know it's what I'm here for, and why I even tried to get into this program, but...I'm scared.