October 20th, 2001

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It's been a Mary Chapin Carpenter kind of weekend so far. By that I mean a rather mellow, sepia-tinted world. No, I don't really know what I'm saying, but it sounds cool.

Anyway. I've had the flat to myself for most of the past day or so - it just worked out like that, which is fine. Last night, I had a couple of hours between when everybody else went out clubbing and when the Labrynith/drinking games commenced upstairs. Turning Labrynith into a drinking game made for very amusing results - it's fun being the only mostly-sober person amongst a group of drunks. After the movie, we played kings, yet another drinking game - I managed to make one glass last me about two rounds, which impressed me if nobody else.

After everybody was sufficiently soused to tell the truth, we did a form of never have I ever. (This, you see, is all the childish alcohol-related stuff I missed in high school...) I managed to destroy a few people's perceptions of me, which amused me to no end. I specifically remember after having lost a point on some question involving interesting intercourse (don't remember exactly which one it was off-hand) hearing Peter cry "Stephanie?! You?! I thought you were a virgin! I was sure...I mean, I assumed...really?!?" So I have some sort of reputation, it seems - which got torn to shreds with that game. Eh, they probably don't remember much of it anyway.

For the moment I'm just enjoying being on my own. I didn't realize exactly how much I need privacy until it was completely stripped away from me. About the only time I get completely alone anymore is my walk to school and when I'm in the bathroom. That's one of the big things I miss about home right now. Of course, there's also all the people at home I miss, too - both ends of that spectrum. Next week marks the halfway point in my stay in London. Already.

Good grief.
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