October 31st, 2001

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Happy Halloween...it doesn't feel like it here, though. No decorations, no pumpkins, no rugrats in costume on their way to school...sigh.

Besides beign the day of ultimage sugary indulgence, today's also the last day of October. I had my last Maodern Physical class, my last High Comedy (and I didn't have to perform - I got to watch my classmates, which was fantastic), and soon my last Stage Combat. Modern Physical was simply amusing, since we imitated each other for the class. I only got mimicked twice - once by the girl who drew my name at the beginning of term, and once by Chip, of coruse. It's so strange, that friendship - if you can even really call it that. We hang out together, people automatically assume we're doing stuff (plays and whatnot) together, but I don't feel especially clsoe to him. I can't honestly see us really contacting each other after we leave. Who knows, though?

I also got a shoulder rub from my scene partner yesterday as we were running lines, which I definetely needed - I jammed my left shoulder somehow, and it hurt like mad last night after school. But the play our group saw helped make up for it - Alan Rickman in Noel Coward's Private Lives. Oh, yeah...but I still miss everyone, and getting hugs on a regular basis.

Man, could I use a hug...
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