November 19th, 2001

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Less than four weeks. I can't believe how much I'm harping on this, but the closer it gets to the end, the more excited I get.

I realized that I have learned a good deal from everything today when we rehearsed one of the three scenes I actually speak in. I got a laugh out of the director, managed to open up physically enough to get a point across, created a character, and all this out of about six lines. I was impressed with myself.

I keep seesawing between wanting to be on the stage more than anything and feeling like the biggest fraud in the universe for even attempting to step onstage. Here's hoping it'll be an up day when we actually perform.

I need dinner, I think. I'll be glad to get back and have making dinner be a novelty, rather than a necessity. (I know I must be homesick when I start missing Commons, for crying out loud...)