December 15th, 2001

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So here it is, the end. My cab will be here in about an hour - by noon I'll be in the air, bound once more for the West Coast. It's been a rough night. After the last show, which was phenominal, there was the big cast party, which eventually moved to the pub nearest home where people in our program spend a good deal of their time. I made sure to stop by both places so I could see everyone to say goodbye.

It was an...experience. I got hit on by more British men tonight than I have in the three months I've been here. If they hadn't for the most part been so creepy, I almost would have enjoyed it, once I got over being embarrassed.

Talking to everyon as they got progressively drunker was another experience. Sarah, a girl I ended up working with quite a bit but, at least I thought, had never quite hit it off with me, was almost crying about how much she was going to miss me. It was so strange - we'd never been really close, and apparently she'd been talking about me to many people (Chip avouched this, having told me about it before the play tonight), telling them how wonderful I was and whatnot.

Diarius interruptus - I need to start hauling my bags downstairs.
XBox Me

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And we're back, coming to you now from the departure lounge at the airport. I'll be able to start boarding in an hour and change, and then, to the States! Breakfast of the day is consisting of half a tube of Smarties and some slightly melty digestives. The bowl of cereal I had at the flat seems like forever ago.

So where was I? Oh, right, Sarah. It seems she and Catia had discussed the matter in detail, and both had declared themselves my fans. Why is it that I never learn about this kind of thing until I leave?

Last night while I was refusing to sleep (there being no point to it, given the time I got in, the time the cab came, and the amount of stuff that needed to be done between those two times), I wrote a short letter to each of my roommates. Basically, a "thanks for making this term so cool" type of note. What, you may ask, did I write to Clarissa?

An apology.

She needed it. I gave her one in person last night, as well. As annoying or irritating as she may have been, she didn't really deserve the treatment I gave her the last few days of the term. Nothing truly cruel - I haven't done anything like that in years, and I don't intend to anytime soon - and yes, I was stressed and tense and whatnot with everything, but still. I just hope she believes that I am sorry.

Oh, it's going to be one of those days as far as journaling goes. I think I'm going to try to get some sleep (or at least rest) for a bit. To be continued.