February 3rd, 2002

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Well, that was exciting...as I was talking to Julia H. in the IMC of the library where she was working, I see her look behind me to ask the person who'd just walked in if she could help him. "Nope, just wanted to talk to this one," with a pat on my back. It was one of the theatre seniors that I was certain didn't know I existed, as I haven't been the most active of theatre majors at this school. But he knew I'd been in London (he'd done the same program last year), and was asking me about that and whatnot, then finished by plugging his thesis show and left.

Afterwards, Julia said that she had talked to him sometime last semester, my name had come up with regards to London, and he'd said something like "Yeah, I'd heard about that." Apparently my name is known around the theatre department, whether or not I get cast in anything.

Cool. :)
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    Bach - "Little" Fugue in G minor (thank you, Julia)