February 14th, 2002

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Woo-ha. So, update time.

Tuesday evening, I found myself in Salem, at the Elsinore Theatre - one of those fantastic theatres from the 1920's that showed silent movies accompanied by theatre organs. These organs are just really spectacularly cool, in and of themselves - Dustin taught a Paideia class on them this past semester, and, dude, they're fantastic. They're essentially the world's first "synthesizer", in that they can play the notes and tones of a ton of different instruments on different pipes. They are also hooked up to play different drums, xylophones, marimbas, etc. They're really amazingly cool. (Go here for more info.)

Anywho. So, yeah, we go, we watch silent movie accompanied by theatre organ, we ooh and aah, we take tour of theatre organ pipes. And I got to hear The Phantom of the Opera played on this amazing instrument. Some songs are just meant to be felt. There are even pictures!

Today? I have flowers, the sun came out (again! In Portland! Oregon!!!), and I talked to a woman at Oregon's Children's Theatre who might be able to give my resume to someone who might be able to give me a job this summer! A lot of mights, but better than nothing, no? So it's all good and happy and whatnot. :)
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