September 13th, 2002

XBox Me

"Wycherly, you son of a ..."

Ahem. I haven't been overly fond of today. More specifically, I haven't been overly fond of who I've been today.

The morning started with a thesis meeting, which went well, other than my advisor reminding me that I'd written into my proposal (which was due today, of which she had a draft) that I would finish researching and writing one part of my thesis by fall break. Mid-October. Ack.

After meeting, going home to finish up the proposal (it ended up being 8 pages long, which was by far the longest thesis proposal I ever heard of) and print it up to turn it in. My printer was finally being recognized by my computer, so I thought I didn't have a problem until my computer froze while I was writing the proposal. Losing a good chunk of what I'd just typed. I was not amused.

Unfortunately, I allowed this lack of amusement to infect every social contact I had for a few hours afterwards. I realized that I was turning into a heinous wench, and that I was less than pleasant to be around. I tried to use the hours I was at the library at work to get myself out of that state, but I'm still The long car ride in pursuit of waterweapons with Matt, Eric, and a few others that lead to nothing (waterweapons are considered seasonal by all toy stores - though I did get two gallons of bubble solution) and the lack of dinner didn't make me any happier. After we got home, and I finally got some food, Matt stealthily struck our dorm mom, Meng, with a water pistol. She vowed revenge, so there was little I could do but get her a weapon and show her how to use it, to send her on her way. Unfortunately, I got caught in the crossfire, then became a target. I'm still a bit damp.

All I really wanted was to have a few minutes where I was allowed to be unhappy, and not told why I shouldn't be, and to have some gesture of caring. A note, some small gesture of "yes, I know it's been a rotten day, here, let me help." But I think I ask too much. I really need to just deal with this kind of thing, you know? My computer freezing up should not be this big of a deal.

I'm not my favorite person right now.
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XBox Me

That was thoroughly gratifying

So, rotten day, all in all. Getting better watching a movie with Matt and Eric. Then it's midnight. Time for bubbles! (OK, so I'm a little bubble-crazy, but it helps.)

Out on the balcony, with a bunch of people in the social room arguing over Magic cards. Bleh. I get out the big bubble wand, the gallon of bubble solution, and turn on the colored light string around the railing of the balcony. I'm set. I start with the big wand.

From below, almost instantly, someone I don't know walks by and notices the bubbles. (Sidebar: it's amazing how few people at the college look up.) "Those are splendid bubbles." "Why, thank you!" as I send more down. Some of them stick to the wet grass below, which he examines, then stands and watches them float down towards him. After a moment, he turns to leave. Then he calls over his shoulder, "Thank you!" Yay number one.

After a moment, a few more people walk by and a girl exclaims "Look at all the bubbles!" They continue looking up as they walk by, and finally someone hollers up "Thanks for the magic." Yay number two.

Bubbles make everything better. So there.
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