November 27th, 2002

XBox Me


Almost forgot about this thing amidst everything else.

So, lessee...the play I was in went up last weekend, and went really well. I haven't gotten so many compliments about my acting in...well, ever, really.

Thesis whatnot is going well. I finished my translation today, and sent it off to the appropriate channels (i.e. my advisors). Now I just have to finish researching the hell out of it, and write all that up. Nooo problem...

Emotionally, things are...well, they just are. A couple of mini-breakdowns, one major breakdown last week (I ended up having to go to my mother's just to get away for a day), and, yeah. Things are going better now, but I'm going to reserve true judgement for awhile.

Honestly, that's about it. I leave for Mom's tomorrow evening, and it turns out I *won't* be able to go dancing on Friday, because Mom kinda needs time with me where I'm not a horrible emotional mess, and she's determined to keep me until Saturday. *sigh* Actually, Mom-time will be good for me.

Happy Thanksgiving, for all those who celebrate!
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